Jealousy Is A Sick Melody

Posted in Blissful Pain on April 18, 2015 by Shadow

Jealousy is a crazy thing

It turns nightmares into daydreams

It kills your thoughts, and replaces with envy

It crawls down your spine and lives where it hurts most

In your heart, and leaves heavy stones

To weigh you down, and drags along

All the right and wrongs

Blending together, the truth and the lies

Giggles and cries

All seem the same to me now

Smiles and frowns

Are only shapes and sounds

Jealousy turning kings to peasants

Making hell so pleasant

I can’t seem to see whats in front of me

Even when I have no eyes to believe

All these love stories ending

What can you say to me when I am not even here?

I’m stuck in the past, dying in the present and losing the future to my fears

And I’m just sitting here letting all my dreams float away

As I’m drowning in all the things I hate

I can’t stop this pain, I can’t stop these games

They just keep getting harder and harder

And even when the way out is so simple, the exit keeps getting farther

You see my good gentlemen, jealousy is a curse

It’s a sick and vicious cycle that only gets worse

You’ll lose all that you love, and will only add to the reasons you’ll hate again

You’ll hate yourself, your loved ones, and all your friends

It’s a masterpiece

A sick melody

That plays on and on until the death of you and me

So don’t listen to the pretty tunes

Take it from me, a prisoner of the lies and truths

Now leave me be, I’m busy

Dying inside slowly.



Posted in Blissful Pain with tags , , , , on January 25, 2015 by Shadow

The unending
Desolate memories
We revolve around our darkest secrets
Your angels brought such hatred
our words were buried in my coffin
My grave was stolen far before my body rotted
And I rotted before my body was buried
My soul floats within this unholy journey
Between our different beliefs
The fallen one is the one who reaps
All these infinite tapestries
Of tragedies
Engulfing this poor world of fairy tail stories
In their darkest fears, in the end we were all tools
Played by the bible and lured towards hell
I am only a water drop in a sea of fire
Swimming afloat with the souls of countless liars
Our words become immortal
Along with our morals
But these promises of a better place
Only fill our 6-foot deep grave
When I die again a thousand fold
I will eat my world whole
As my beliefs harden my heart of stone
The echoes of my wavering doubts
Will Resurrect until I am found
Hanging from my personal cloud
Just before my body hits the ground

Sticks And Stones

Posted in Blissful Pain with tags , , , on November 11, 2014 by Shadow

Sticks and stones
Hearts so cold
Branches and pebbles
Demons and devils
Tongues of serpents
Did he deserve it?
I breathe in your words
You killed us first
Drink my confidence, fill your thirst
I am only here to die in your throat
Because sticks and stones
Can never brake my bones
But I will never love myself
And I will never be helped
So take my bones, and eat my soul
Let my insecurities grow
Sharpen your sticks
Bring me your stones, I’m fucking sick
This world is falling out of our hands
Fairy tales never stood a chance
So sing your fucking songs and dance
Dance while I lose my mind
Because these little rhymes
Are only lies.

Hello, Darkness

Posted in Blissful Pain with tags , , , , on October 26, 2014 by Shadow

My eyes…
Can fly
My words..can die
Just like hearts can lie
And our minds can cry
Time and time
Oh, sweet solitude
I’ve missed you
How have you been?
Will you let me in?
You look different
I just need to talk things over, okay?
I swear this time I’ll let the pain stay
I know I was so afraid
But now I cross my heart
For too long have we been apart
Hello, Darkness
I’ve come to you, heartless
And worthless
How’s the family?
How’s old insanity?
The Dark is not the same without me
So many melancholy memories
I hope I didn’t make you worry
I should’ve never left your empty arms
I wont leave you again, my sweetheart
My love for you is as eternal as this pain I carry
And my romantic necromancy
Tonight I dine in hell
By myself
And I will sleep tonight
Knowing there’s nothing left to fight
Sweet dreams beautiful, goodnight
Hello, Darkness and goodbye light.

Oh, Sweet Mother Of Mine..

Posted in Blissful Pain with tags , , , , on October 16, 2014 by Shadow

Oh mama, oh my sweet mother of mine
Oh mama, so kindly unkind
In my cradle I sat with only thoughts of your lies
But to my surprise, I never saw the masterpiece you devised
All you did was raise me with smoke in your eyes
Covered in tainted love with my father, killing yourselves
I took a piece of your mind when you raised me in hell
I never seemed to get it out of my head
These games you played, till the day you become one with the dead
I never saw what you say you are
And though you are so far
I can feel you clawing at my back
Trying to drag me into the sands
The sands you travel, stuck in the past
In the desert between us, under the shadow you cast
“you’re so worthless”
“You are useless”
These words you injected
No rest for the wicked
For the demons you gave to me
Are Killing
And spilling
My emotions
Into the ocean
You cried for us
And the waves you made, with our broken trust
Making sure each memory I will never forget
Watching you drool all over your bed
And whats left of me
Are only screams
Of a boy whose dreams
Were eaten by a creature with the cradle
The beast with the ladle
I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough
To tame the evil, to drink your poisoned love
But don’t worry now, don’t you worry
My eyes are becoming blurry
My sight is darkening
My madness is hearkening
It’s all happening
Oh, this sweet insanity
My childhood of empty words
You killed my mockingbird
The songs you sung were sung in violence towards my sanity
And all these things you made, are so maddening
I gotta say, I’m quite impressed
You wear your ruins, you made it into a dress
To show off, to your demons, a beauty pageant for the careless
I needed you, I needed to feel worth it
And all you ever did was show your pain, and flaunt it
You will never see
You will never beLIEve
What you did to me
You will only see, your side of the lies you crafted
Haha.. oh my sweet fucking mother, my mistakes you chanted
My childhood was only lyrics to your bestselling song
And the beauty of it is, you will never admit you did us all wrong.

The Silver Lining Of A Blank Portrait

Posted in Blissful Pain with tags , , , on October 8, 2014 by Shadow

My life has been a tragedy
A love story so maddening
And falling
Into the hands of those who keep crumbling
My shadows are surrounding
The edges of my heart
The edges of my scars
My delusions keep me alive
The sounds of my demons cries
Wake me up and remind me of lost times
I hear them whisper of fallen angels
The songs of society’s labels
I search for a silver lining in this plastic world
Painting of a thousand pieces within a girl
Broken like the trust in myself
Hopeless like the cries within hell
Searching for a way to help
Countless love stories
All falling before me
Countless words thrown into the air
Three little words, said without care
Is the silver lining there?
Can we ever hope to repair?
Darling, can we see
Without our eyes as they bleed
This brush with hundreds of blades
Cutting into the portrait of those who never stay
The ghost in the fog, the canvas in the stars
The pendulum in my soul, the curses I carve
The paintings I create
The colors I ate
The pictures I hate
I must find
The silver line
In between what isnt there, and what can never be
Inside a blank portrait of pure insanity.

The Devil In Gentleman’s Clothing

Posted in Blissful Pain with tags , , , , on September 29, 2014 by Shadow

Shadows dripping down his handkerchief
With his thoughts always scattering
A little smirk to go with that smile
And a little darkness to compliment his style
He walks with no beats in his steps
Anarchy at its best
But never forgetting how to stay dressed
Always walking with a walk to impress
Dusting off the sins and sporting new evil
With a dash of mysterious appeal
With blood of the innocent, he licks his lips of the memories
Permanent pain for little things, suicide for the temporary
The perfect eyes to seduce the good ones
And the perfect words to trick the smarter ones
Suede shoes
Tailored suit
Bloody tie
To match his eyes
Walking across weddings and funerals
Stepping on flowers for the spiritual
Tombstones of bright futures and new beginnings
Melancholy noises keeps him grinning
Collection of hearts, he’s only winning
Death doesn’t touch the blank canvas
The reaper only reaps when he dances.